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For SRX3 standard and single-cup headbands, a set of two clips is now available.   These clips permit headbands to have both a traditional back-of-head strap as well as a front-of-head strap mounted on the headbands.  Workers who are using the standard SRX3 wireless headbands (HD-1500-102) or single cup headband (HD-1500-113) and performing inspections will find this useful to secure the headset regardless of forward or backward head orientation in scenarios such as under vehicle inspections.
A pair of two clips, one for the speaker side of the headband and one for the non-speaker (t-bar) side are required.  The clips are packaged and sold in bags of ten for each side.  Customers should initially purchase one bag of each to have a matched set of parts capable of being used on 10 headbands.  Should the headband be damaged, the clips are easily removable and transferrable to a new headband.
The above items are also compatible with the legacy SRX2 standard (HD-1000-102) and single cup headband (HD-1000-113).

After installation of the clips, customers will need to place an additional pair of straps across the front of the headset.   The standard SRX headset straps (ordered as HD-1000-108B containing 20 pairs of straps) used in the rear orientation of the headset may be used in the front.